Mathematics Mastery is used in hundreds of primary schools across the UK to improve maths skills and teaching.

The programme includes everything that you'll need to deliver a mastery curriculum in your maths classroom. Now available in flexible tiers, priced from just £1,350 per key stage, Mathematics Mastery includes:

  • a well-sequenced and interlinked EYFS, KS1 and KS2 maths curriculum – ensuring pupils develop fluency and a deep understanding of mathematical concepts
  • integrated training and professional development – helping to ensure all staff (including non-specialists) develop confidence in their maths mastery teaching 
  • a full suite of classroom planning, delivery, assessment and intervention resources – available on MyMastery in bite-sized units, for easy implementation.

As teachers ourselves, we understand how extraordinarily difficult this year has been for all schools. We have therefore made some important additions to our mastery programmes this year, to help support schools in the months ahead.

Proven impact

The Mathematics Mastery Primary programme has been shown by EEF (the Education Endowment Foundation) to give pupils on average one months’ additional progress after one year.

Schools using Mathematics Mastery have been shown to score on average two points higher than the national average in the Key Stage 2 National Tests. This success comes despite over 45% of pupils in Mathematics Mastery schools being classified as disadvantaged.

In our annual partner school survey:

  • 92% say that Mathematics Mastery has had a positive impact on pupil progress
  • 96% say the programme has deepened pupils’ understanding of mathematical concepts
  • 98% say pupils enjoy maths lessons
  • 95% say the programme has improved maths teaching in their school
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Education Endowment Foundation impact study

Pupils in schools adopting Mathematics Mastery made more progress than similar pupils in schools that did not adopt the programme.

What do you get when you join the programme?

  • A carefully sequenced curriculum
  • Planning tools
  • Classroom resources
  • Professional development
  • Assessment and intervention resources
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Programmes and pricing


Our new MyMastery learning platform is at the heart of our programme – offering easy ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to the full suite of Mathematics Mastery primary content.

The resources on MyMastery are split into easily accessible chunks of learning – these are called staging posts

Each staging post covers approximately 2 weeks of learning, with all of the resources and comprehensive professional development needed to support the teaching of that stage and the units within it. Your teachers can access the training and resources they need, when it suits them best – offering flexibility and support at the right points through the year.

Click play to watch our short MyMastery walkthrough and find out more.

Tom Garry | Deputy Head Teacher | Angel Oak Academy

In our first cohort of pupils learning through the Mathematics Mastery programme, the proportion of pupils working at or above the expected level in maths has risen from 68% to 79% in one year.

Our approach

Mathematics Mastery pioneered the mastery approach.

We were influential in the DfE’s adoption of a mastery approach to teaching mathematics. 

Our core principles have already been embedded in the majority of primary schools up and down the country, so it’s easy to join us and take the next step in your school-led improvement.

Download the Mathematics Mastery Primary Programme Guide to find out more about the programme and how it can support teaching and learning in your school.

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Latest Announcements

Covid-19 support for schools

As teachers ourselves, we understand how extraordinarily difficult this period has been for all schools. We have made some important changes to our mastery programmes this year to help support you in the months ahead.

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Sign up for our latest webinars
Sign up for our latest webinars

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