We are a non-profit organisation, dedicated to transforming education in the UK. 

Our mission is to empower teachers to give every young person, regardless of their background, the subject knowledge and skills that will allow them to succeed.

Built on international evidence and best practice, our programmes provide teachers with high-quality professional development that is tied to our carefully sequenced curriculum programmes and a comprehensive suite of resources.

Established as an Ark Venture in 2012, Mathematics Mastery was founded by Dr Helen Drury – a pioneer of teaching and learning for mastery in UK schools. English Mastery was then launched in 2014 with a mission to transform the way English is taught in UK classrooms. We will shortly be launching programmes for science, history and geography - and have brought all of our programmes under the umbrella of Ark Curriculum PlusDownload our brochure.

Mathematics Mastery

Mathematics Mastery’s mission is to enable all learners to enjoy and succeed in mathematics. We want learners to think about maths beyond what is tested in national examinations and to be equipped with an understanding of mathematics that will be relevant and useful in their future studies and/or in the world of work.

Our programme has been designed to provide learners with a deep conceptual understanding of mathematical principles, the ability to confidently communicate in precise mathematical language while becoming mathematical thinkers.

English Mastery

We believe a rigorous, academically challenging and joyous education will close the attainment gap for all students.

Our vision is that an English Mastery student will graduate from Key Stage 3 English with the academic and cultural literacy required to be educationally mobile, whatever their background.

We want English Mastery students to love reading books into adulthood, and share their love of books with others.

Forthcoming programmes

Forthcoming programmes

We will be adding to the curriculum subjects that we cover and are currently piloting mastery programmes for science, history and geography at primary.

We also have other curriculum programmes deep in development. 

We believe strongly in subject integrity and ensuring our mastery programmes have the impact we expect. We therefore work with our Ark schools network to pilot new programmes and will release them more widely once the pilots have been completed.



Our new MyMastery learning platform is at the heart of each mastery programme – offering easy ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to the full suite of content.

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