Driving student attainment

Harnessing young people’s natural curiosity about the world and helping them to converse competently about our ever-changing planet is a big task for geography teachers.

The Geography Mastery Secondary programme provides confidence and consistency in your department. This brilliantly sequenced curriculum integrates adaptable teaching and fieldwork resources, CPD, cumulative assessment, benchmarking, standardisation and a network of support.

The programme inspires students to be passionate about geography, and 8 in 10 piloting the programme agree that it positively impacts pupil progress. It is built around a unique and rigorous curriculum that connects physical processes and human interactions via contemporary case studies and exciting topics like food security and ocean geography.

The curriculum has been created in collaboration with one of the largest multi-academy trusts in the country, Ark, and has been incubated, piloted, and fine-tuned in 30 schools over four years.

Freddie Redfern l Head of Humanities l Darwen Vale High School

Geography Mastery provides us with a clear, well-thought-through 'Curriculum Overview'. It even includes a comprehensive narrative explaining the key themes students will study each year. I found this particularly useful as a non-subject specialist when we had a Geography deep dive in our summer Ofsted. We were without a Head of Geography, and having clear curriculum documents meant I could confidently articulate the rationale behind the subject. 

Put simply, what we do works!

Since developing Geography Mastery Secondary we have piloted it in 30 schools over four years and have received fantastic feedback on the programme so far. Teachers and their students agree that our programme works.

Our partner schools agree the programme has impact:

  • 100% of users say that students taught by Early Career Teachers or non specialists benefit from higher quality teaching
  • 90% of teachers agreed that their subject knowledge has improved and they teach more confidently
  • 86% of users say that less time is spent searching for and creating resources

What do you get when you join the programme?

  • A carefully sequenced curriculum
  • Planning guidance 
  • Lesson resources
  • Assessment resources
  • Integrated CPD and Implementation support
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Chloe Harris l Geography Teacher l Ark Pioneer Academy

As an NQT and human geographer, there are some physical topics that I have never learnt in my own education, so the idea of teaching these topics was daunting. If I had to make these resources from scratch, they would be nowhere near the quality of the resources that Geography Mastery creates. This allows me to do extra research to feel secure in my subject knowledge.

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