Our subject specific programmes give you high-quality teaching resources and professional development support to enhance impact in the classroom.

We design our programmes based on current curriculum research and pedagogical insights, along with our own understanding of challenging classroom settings. Grow expertise in mathematics, science, history and geography with specialist programmes, carefully planned and sequenced to have the strongest influence on young minds.

Designed for diverse primary schools, our programmes enable teachers to adapt lessons for every student’s current understanding and learning objectives. You can also tap into focused intervention steps to tackle knowledge gaps early without segregating students.

My school had the best Key Stage 1 results in the whole country!

“We’ve applied the approach faithfully – and we’re ranked number one for maths at Key Stage 1”

Our curriculum programmes have been proven to: 

  • have a positive impact on pupil progress and attainment
  • deepen pupils’ understanding of key concepts
  • engage pupils and increase their enjoyment of lessons
  • free up time to customise teaching
Mathematics Mastery Primary

Mathematics Mastery Primary

Tap into a complete maths curriculum from Reception to Key Stage 2. Develop your team’s skills and enhance their impact in the classroom, all through customisable teaching resources and in-built professional development support.
Science, History & Geography Mastery Primary

Science, History & Geography Mastery Primary

Develop science, history and geography excellence with a coherent and knowledge-rich curriculum. This programme aims to inspire children and build their confidence in understanding the world around them. It is designed for Key Stages 1 and 2.

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