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Programme preview

Programme preview

Why not try out our mastery programmes for yourself?

We're delighted to be able to offer schools a programme preview of the full Mathematics MasteryEnglish Mastery, Geography Mastery and Science Mastery Secondary programmes with access to our free online hub. 

By unlocking our programme previews, you'll see how our subject improvement programmes work to:

  • Deliver immediate subject improvements and sustained academic growth
  • Deliver measurable results for your students and confidence for your teachers
  • Provide the best evidence-based subject pedagogy visible in all your classrooms 
  • Embed integrated teaching, planning and assessment resources to make real change achievable 
  • Introduce, embed and sustain evidence-based teaching strategies

To get free access to our programme previews, select the programme you're interested in from the options below.

Unlock our subject improvement programmes for free

Our curriculum is based on a mastery approach to teaching and learning, which emphasises deep understanding and problem-solving skills, rather than rote memorisation. We’ve worked with hundreds of UK schools to revitalise tired curriculums and enthuse teachers and children alike, and we’d love to do the same for you.

Get free access to our online hub and discover: 

  • Yearly, termly and weekly overview of the curriculum.
  • Sample lesson plans, activities, and assessments that will transform your education.
  • Expert guidance and support from our team of experienced educators.
  • The opportunity to see firsthand how our subject improvement programmes can help you achieve better outcomes for your students.

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