Driving student attainment

Develop science and pedagogical expertise with professional development, classroom planning, delivery, assessment and intervention resources for Key Stage 3. Our programme is designed to save planning time while building science subject expertise and confidence.

The Science Mastery programme has been informed, delivered and refined by expert science teachers from across the country. Their experience has contributed to the development of the programme as a practical, powerful driver of student attainment.

It helps you to:

  • Engage students by broadening their awareness of science and the multitude of different careers available
  • Offer targeted additional support where needed
  • Develop confidence in teaching all areas of science
Georgie Pick | Head of Science | Ark Pioneer Academy

I would really recommend Science Mastery for any schools that are looking to see impact in their science curriculum and for their pupils science knowledge to develop in a short space of time. Also, it’s really great for developing teacher expertise and as a bonus it really saves teachers time.

Improving practical science and maths skills

To help student success during the programme and beyond, we’ve developed a list of 100 practical, enquiry and maths skills which are mapped across 5 years to show how they develop over time.

Dedicated skills lessons are used to give teachers and students time to explicitly learn and practice different practical and enquiry skills.

Maths skills have been developed alongside Mathematics Mastery and are consistent with methods and language taught in maths so that when vocabulary or skills are introduced in science, they will have already have been taught these in their maths classroom.

What do you get when you join the programme?

  • A carefully sequenced curriculum
  • Planning guidance 
  • Lesson resources
  • Assessment resources
  • Integrated professional development
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