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Science Mastery for 11-16 available now!

Following the successful 2-year pilot of KS4 Science Mastery, we're delighted to release Science Mastery Secondary 11-16.

KS4 pilot schools report that the new features, including exam skill practice, a short I-We-You modelling cycle, consistent worksheet structure, and drill questions, are having a positive impact on teaching and learning.

Our programme is designed to save planning time while building science subject expertise and confidence with school support, professional development, assessment and teaching and learning resources for Key Stage 3 and 4.

James McCarville | Vice Principal | Ark Pioneer Academy

Science Mastery has allowed us greater consistency and quality of teaching due to its rigorous curriculum. It allows teachers to have more time for intellectual preparation, making the adaptations for SEND pupils, EAL pupils, and low prior attaining pupils – so all pupils can make substantial progress.

Driving student attainment

The Science Mastery programme has been informed, delivered and refined by expert science teachers from across the country. Their experience has contributed to the development of the programme as a practical, powerful driver of student attainment.

It helps you to:

  • Engage students by broadening their awareness of science and the multitude of different careers available
  • Offer targeted additional support where needed
  • Develop confidence in teaching all areas of science

    What do you get when you join the programme?

    • A carefully sequenced curriculum
    • Planning guidance 
    • Lesson resources
    • Assessment resources
    • Integrated professional development
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