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Multi Academy Trusts

Multi Academy Trusts

Our curriculum programmes already support a number of Multi Academy Trusts as they introduce mastery teaching across their schools

The diversity of the education sector is reflected in the unique challenges each MAT leadership team face in being able to support and drive school-led improvement across their academies. 

The Ark Curriculum Plus programmes offer a coherent, well-sequenced curriculum, interlinked with timely professional development that will enable your MAT to drive meaningful cross-academy collaboration through a shared curriculum, empowering teachers to adapt and deliver great learning. Each programme includes a full suite of flexible classroom resources, planning, intervention and assessment tools to support delivery.

Our approach of developing subject leadership and pupil mastery is proven to make a significant difference to student attainment, but also supports greater teacher retention through continuing professional development.

Our programmes connect concepts and give those who use them the confidence to articulate the intent of the curriculum and why its implemented in the way that it is, so that learners can remember and do more.

Aligning cross-Trust curriculum involves many stakeholders and isn’t always easy. However, our programmes are founded in educational research and independently trialled and tested, making it a lot easier for schools to recognise and feel confident in the impact that we achieve.

Jack Ritchie | Director of Improvement for Maths
Leigh Academies Trust

"Five months after launch in two of our schools, the positive impact was already evident."

We launched Mathematics Mastery as a trial in two of our ten secondary schools in September 2018 for our Year 7s. In our first year of partnering with the programme, positive impact was evident within 5 months. 

Following the success of this trial, eight more of our secondary academies enrolled and launched Mathematics Mastery in September 2019.

Within 5 months, our teachers were expressing strong appreciation for the resources, the support with departmental workshops and planning, the programme’s initial focus on Year 7s and, most importantly, the positive impact on their teaching.

When I asked our teachers to drop me a note about the programme, comments were resoundingly positive, including one who said, ‘After just one term, the way that I teach maths has changed. The focus now is not on exam technique and exam content; we are now focussed on how we shift progress for pupils of all abilities.’

Another said, ‘Mathematics Mastery continually tests my own subject knowledge, specifically in terms of using mathematical vocabulary. It is allowing me to explore and expand my own mathematical thinking and vocabulary, which I am now embedding into a range of different classes and year groups. Planning for Mathematics Mastery lessons is more interesting and makes me think outside of the typical lesson format; it is evolving me into a more effective teacher.’

Programme Benefits

  • We provide the consistency of a common curriculum framework, whilst offering flexibility on the wrap-around support provided for each school. 
  • We provide a common language that deepens cross-school collaboration. Subject networks allow Trusts to harness the best of what is known and taught across their schools.
  • Trusts can develop more consistent standards for leadership and peer review - and for those that operate in regional hubs, also lower teaching cover costs where they are able to share teaching resource.
  • Trusts can protect schools from the loss of curriculum intelligence/knowledge when they lose key staff, by locating all of the collective intelligence and knowledge in a central place.
  • The programmes help to redirect teacher effort from resource production to focusing on the needs of the students in their classes. 
  • Our programmes focus on supporting the preparation of the lessons/learning. Unlike off-the-shelf curriculum resources that translate into procedural teaching, we develop resources that help educators to maximise the impact of their planning time.
  • Our programmes support teachers and school leaders to understand the intent of the curriculum and why we structure our learning the way we do - which is now perfectly aligned to recent Ofsted framework guidelines.
Leigh Academies Trust

The impact on pupils after the first year was clear. When pupils from the trial academies were surveyed, 92% of them said they enjoyed maths during the year. 

I particularly noticed how pupils were thriving from using the correct mathematical language. It has driven how they communicate their understanding and make links between topics.

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