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Multi Academy Trust Curriculum Programmes & Lesson Plans

Deliver a collaborative and consistent education across your multi academy trust. 

Our curriculum programmes are designed to develop subject leadership to make a significant difference to student attainment and professional development.

Multi academy trusts have a unique opportunity to work together to drive school-led improvement across the entire academy. Our curriculum programmes have been developed with a multi academy trust and are designed to support your shared goals. We also offer additional support to complement our programmes, which is tailored to address specific needs across your trust.

Designed to alleviate teaching pressure, our programmes give you a coherent and well-sequenced curriculum to lift learning outcomes. Each programme includes a full suite of flexible classroom resources, planning, intervention and assessment tools to help you articulate the curriculum and its relevance to students. Yet unlike off-the-shelf resources that translate into procedural teaching, ours support teachers to plan their own lessons.

Professional development

We have built professional development into every programme, giving you the opportunity to focus on progression without spending additional time nurturing skills. Our programmes help your schools to deliver great teaching. They empower teachers to customise the learning journey with lessons based on their own understanding of student needs. At the same time, you will develop expertise in cross-academy collaboration to grow leadership skills.

Our curriculum is grounded in educational research and independently trialled and tested by teachers. It delivers proven impact, helping to align teachers across your multi-academy trust.

Jack Ritchie | Director of Improvement for Maths
Leigh Academies Trust

"Five months after launch in two of our schools, the positive impact was already evident."

We launched Mathematics Mastery as a trial in two of our ten secondary schools in September 2018 for our Year 7s. In our first year of partnering with the programme, positive impact was evident within 5 months. 

Following the success of this trial, eight more of our secondary academies enrolled and launched Mathematics Mastery in September 2019.

Within 5 months, our teachers were expressing strong appreciation for the resources, the support with departmental workshops and planning, the programme’s initial focus on Year 7s and, most importantly, the positive impact on their teaching.

Multi-academy trust programme benefits:

  • Gain a consistent curriculum with the flexibility to adapt to each school and class
  • Enhance cross-school collaboration through a common understanding
  • Share teaching resources across your trust
  • Use a set of standards for leadership and peer reviews
  • Protect your school from loss of curriculum knowledge when key staff leave
  • Redirect your focus from producing resources to addressing your students’ needs
  • Use a curriculum aligned to recent Ofsted framework guidelines

    Leigh Academies Trust

    The impact on pupils after the first year was clear. When pupils from the trial academies were surveyed, 92% of them said they enjoyed maths during the year. 

    I particularly noticed how pupils were thriving from using the correct mathematical language. It has driven how they communicate their understanding and make links between topics.

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