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Maths Meetings

Maths Meetings

Maths Meetings are a vital part of the Mathematics Mastery programme 

They consolidate learning outside of the core maths lesson and provide a fun way for pupils to practise applying their knowledge and skills on a regular basis, helping to continually build on their mastery of key concepts.

Maths Meetings will provide crucial additional support in this period of potential lost learning as they will help to:

  • support areas of the curriculum where pupils may have forgotten key maths concepts
  • consolidate learning and help highlight areas where pupils may have any misconceptions
  • provide extra time in the day for maths and an opportunity to revisit and practise key skills

Watch a maths meeting in action!

This video walkthrough includes footage from some of our partner schools, showing how the maths meetings work in the classroom.

The 10-15 minute sessions are intended to be a fun and familiar part of the school week.

They use singing, chanting, visual displays and manipulatives to help build pupils’ sense of number, their ability to perform mental calculation and their general understanding of a wide variety of mathematical concepts in relation to everyday life. 

Bringing together multiple short segments, Maths Meetings:

  • draw on the principles of retrieval practice and interleaving
  • ringfence time for teachers to revisit concepts that have yet to be fully mastered, or that need reviewing before the class moves on to greater depth in the main lesson
  • provide opportunities for pupils to discuss and evaluate different mathematical strategies, developing their ability to use technical vocabulary and mathematical reasoning skills.

The content covered in each Maths Meeting complements the work covered to date, as well as preparing pupils for upcoming topics.

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