English Mastery's mission is to transform the way the subject of English is taught in UK classrooms.

The bedrock of our approach is the belief that students should have the opportunity to study the knowledge, concepts and stories that have shaped the world.

To achieve this, we provide partner schools with:

  • a carefully planned and knowledge-rich English curriculum for Key Stage 3
  • a structured programme of subject-specific professional development
  • a full suite of lesson plans and resources with integrated assessment.

The programme includes everything that you'll need to deliver a mastery curriculum in your English classroom. Now available in flexible tiers, priced from just £2,000.

As teachers ourselves, we understand how extraordinarily difficult this year has been for all schools. We have therefore made some important additions to our mastery programmes this year, to help support schools in the months ahead.

Proven impact

An independent impact report from The Brilliant Club found that, on average, students in schools that adopted English Mastery made four months’ more progress than similar students in schools that did not adopt the programme.

Our partner schools tell us that:

  • 80% of teachers agree that English Mastery is helping to enhance their subject knowledge
  • 93% of teachers strongly agree that English Mastery is having a positive impact on pupil progress
  • 86% of teachers strongly agree that English Mastery helps to reduce their workload.
The Brilliant Club impact study

The English Mastery Programme had a significant positive effect on pupils’ English scores, regardless of pupils’ prior attainment and demographic characteristics.

What do you get when you join the programme?

  • A carefully sequenced curriculum
  • Planning tools
  • Classroom resources
  • Professional development
  • Assessment and intervention resources
Want to find out more?
Programmes and pricing


Our new MyMastery learning platform is at the heart of our programme – offering easy ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to the full suite of English Mastery secondary content.

The resources on MyMastery are split into easily accessible chunks of learning – these are called staging posts.

Each staging post covers approximately 8-12 hours of learning, with all of the resources and comprehensive professional development needed to support the teaching of that stage and the units within it. Your teachers can access the training and resources they need, when it suits them best – offering flexibility and support at the right points through the year.

Click play to watch our short MyMastery walkthrough and find out more.

Alison Enyon | Oasis Community Learning

The English Mastery programme has enabled our teachers and leaders to put subject knowledge and passion back at the heart of what they do, allowing them to spend more time on teacher craft, differentiation and how best to deliver content to meet each child’s needs.

Our approach

The English Mastery programme has been informed, delivered and refined by expert English teachers from across the country. Their experience has contributed to the development of the programme as a practical, powerful driver of pupil attainment.

In addition to teacher consultation, four pedagogical pillars combine to drive pupil progress. Each pillar is rooted in the latest cognitive and educational research:

  • A cumulative, knowledge-rich curriculum develops students' ability in English
  • Discrete grammar teaching improves precision and accuracy in students' writing
  • Systematic instruction of tier 2 vocabulary closes the word and attainment gap
  • Using standardised, norm-referenced student work improves accuracy in assessment

Download the English Mastery Secondary Programme Guide to find out more about the programme and how it can support teaching and learning in your school - or sign up for a free trial.

Sign up for our latest webinar
Sign up for our latest webinar
Sign up for our latest webinar

Join the English Mastery team for our upcoming webinar.

Join the English Mastery team for our upcoming webinar:

Diversity and inclusion in English: a knowledge-led approach

Wednesday 17 November | 4 - 5pm

This webinar discusses how subject leaders and English Mastery curriculum designers have changed their practice, principles and curriculum structures to adopt a knowledge-rich approach to exploring representation in English.