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Based on the stories that shaped the world, our English Mastery Secondary programme helps you inspire students to better understand the concepts of literature and writing. It also empowers teachers to continually develop subject knowledge to make English more accessible to every student.

As teachers ourselves, we know the challenges of engaging students. We designed the Key Stage 3 curriculum and teaching resources to target subject enjoyment and understanding, which is proven to have a meaningful impact on learning outcomes. Students on our English Mastery Secondary programme are proven to have made four months’ more progress than students on other curriculums.

The programme helps you to:

  • Improve grammar and syntax understanding
  • Close the word attainment gap with a focus on tier 2 words
  • Use norm-referenced assessments to accurately gauge progress
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The English Mastery programme has enabled our teachers and leaders to put subject knowledge and passion back at the heart of what they do, allowing them to spend more time on teacher craft, differentiation and how best to deliver content to meet each child’s needs.

Our approach

Our English Mastery Secondary programme has been designed by experienced teachers using in-depth pedagogical research, and we continually adapt the curriculum and resources based on the latest thinking. As an evidence-based programme, we know that it is a powerful and practical driver of student attainment.

It helps you achieve better learning outcomes in your classes by providing steps to tackle common comprehension obstacles. Your teachers will have access to discrete grammar teaching and a logical framework for embedding tier 2 vocabulary, helping to improve students’ accuracy and understanding.

Download the English Mastery Secondary Programme Brochure to discover how the programme can enhance teaching across your department.

What do you get when you join the programme?

  • A carefully sequenced curriculum
  • Planning guidance
  • Lesson resources
  • Assessment and intervention tools
  • Integrated professional development
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