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Ready to Progress Interventions

Ready to Progress Interventions

A new resource bank for targeted primary interventions

Introducing a brand new bank of video-supported interventions that will help schools to target specific areas for the recovery of learning after Covid, and for targeted interventions beyond.

This rich resource for Years 1 to 6 will support structured tuition in adult-led small groups or in one-to-one sessions.

  • Frees up teacher time - the programme is ideal for use by TAs, with full support and guidance provided 
  • Proven content - these intervention resources have been developed by practising teachers and trialled in Ark schools
  • Fully flexible - activities can be used in short bursts or longer sessions, depending on requirements and time available

Aligned with EEF best practice principles and the DfE Ready to Progress criteria, the package is available as a standalone product or to add to your Mathematics Mastery Primary subscription.

What will you receive?

The Mathematics Mastery Ready to Progress interventions package includes over 140 pupil-facing videos with accompanying activity bank and intervention guidance support. 

The content is matched to the Ready to Progress criteria within the strands:

  • Number and place value (NPV)
  • Addition and subtraction (AS)
  • Multiplication and division (MD)

The videos are the starting point for each area of learning within the criteria - providing a visual demonstration of the concept, using concrete resources. 

Each video includes an example intervention activity, modelling the key learning and providing a scaffold for guided practice.

Pupils then work through the rest of the supporting activities across multiple intervention sessions, building fluency in understanding and application.

Full support is provided on how to deliver the interventions, with an introductory session on our MyMastery platform, then targeted guidance within each unit.

Take a look at a sample pupil video

Each video is around 5 or 6 minutes in length and is intended to be watched by the adult and pupil together, modelling the use of representations and language. Pause points are provided for discussion and exploration.

    The accompanying activities are supplied as editable PowerPoints with easy-to-use guidance for the adult leading the session, including:

    • questions to ask - specific to each activity, with desired answers
    • things to look out for - such as common misconceptions for this area and how to address these
    • ideas for depth - including discussion-based and practical activities

    The activities offer flexibility to fit your school's intervention slots (whether they're 15-minutes or 45-minutes) and to fit the needs of each pupil. Confident pupils may spend fewer sessions on a particular area, whereas others may need multiple sessions to understand and embed key learning.

    A diagnostic placement quiz informs the intervention programme route.

    Press play on the image to watch one of our videos - or click the button below to download some samples of the accompanying activities.

    Have you watched our training on TA-led interventions?

    As school life returns to something nearer normal, many schools will use teaching assistants to lead interventions that will help with learning recovery.

    In this training, Rob Webster, Associate Professor at UCL Institute of Education, explores the power and potential of TA-led interventions, and the common traps that schools need to avoid in order to ensure their learning recovery programme is a success.

    You can watch the video or read the summary and key takeaways.

    Want to find out more?

    The package is available as a standalone product for £499 or can be added to your Mathematics Mastery Primary subscription. 

    Contact our partnerships team who will be happy to talk you through the resources, and provide a quote for your setting.