Schools around the world are realising the benefits of our research-led curriculum. Elevate your teaching approach with a consistent, high-quality curriculum aligned with international schools.

An international education gives students a breadth of knowledge. Our programmes help to add depth to that understanding. The content of our programmes is based on the National Curriculum in England, but we expand on this to provide the foundational knowledge that all learners need. Using our curriculum and resources, you’ll gain greater direction to continually build on students’ learning to help them succeed.

Our programmes are designed to empower teachers to become the expert in the classroom. As such, we weave professional development through the programme, giving you the opportunity to continually evolve your approach.

We know that every international school is different. You have your own objectives, and we’ll work with you to provide customised resources.

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Mathematics Mastery is used in hundreds of primary schools across the UK to improve maths skills and teaching

“We’ve applied the approach faithfully – and we’re ranked number one for maths at Key Stage 1”

Damian McBeath | Headteacher at Ark Conway Primary Academy

Mathematics Mastery Primary programme benefits

  • Deepens students’ understanding of key concepts
  • Supporting teachers new to the national curriculum to enrich professional development
  • Emphasis on language helps students with English as a second language to understand subjects
Zuzanna McClintock, Teacher

I have worked with Ark Curriculum Plus in two schools - one in the UK, one in Poland. Since moving to Poland, I have brought the scheme into my new school as the Senior Leadership quickly noted its success within year 1. The strength of the scheme lies in the deep thought behind the principles of high-quality mathematics instruction. It has supported all teachers in year 1 to deliver high quality mathematics instruction, enabling children to become confident and fluent mathematicians.

We are proud to be partners of  BESABSME and COBIS and are committed to furthering our relationship with member schools.

This year we look forward to hosting professional learning webinars for members and attending partner events.

Watch our webinar: How the Maths Mastery approach can deliver proven impact on pupil attainment for International Schools

This webinar was run by Anthony Latham, Ark Curriculum Plus’ Principle Delivery Lead for our Maths Mastery programme. Anthony supports schools using our Maths Mastery programme and has also previously taught in international schools across South East Asia. He will talk you through the key principles of the Mastery approach and answer any questions you may have.

Watch the webinar

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