Founded on international research, our mastery curriculum programmes with integrated professional development, support International Schools looking to raise pupil attainment

With a proven impact on pupil achievement, we're seeing increased interest in our Ark Curriculum Plus programmes from International Schools' leaders from around the globe. And it's easy to see why.

Using a mastery approach in teaching has been informed and inspired by world-leading educational research, and recognised to improve every pupils’ full potential to enable them to succeed. Evidence shows that pupils make more progress when they have been equipped to master a subject by understanding its fundamental concepts in sufficient depth so that they can apply subject knowledge in unfamiliar contexts.

Grown out of Ark, one of the highest performing Multi Academy Trusts in the UK, the Ark Curriculum Plus programmes were first developed by Dr. Helen Drury, a pioneer for teaching and learning for mastery in UK schools. Our mission is to empower schools and teachers to give every young person the subject knowledge and life-long learning skills that will allow them to progress in their future academic, career and personal success.

Our programmes use the content of the National Curriculum in England which is expanded upon by focusing on the foundational knowledge that all learners need to understand, in order to succeed.

We understand that every International School is different so we work in partnership with school leaders to understand your unique needs to provide personalised support to achieve your school goals.

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Mathematics Mastery is used in hundreds of primary schools across the UK to improve maths skills and teaching

“We’ve applied the approach faithfully – and we’re ranked number one for maths at Key Stage 1”

Damian McBeath | Headteacher at Ark Conway Primary Academy

“As a start-up school in 2011, we joined the Mathematics Mastery partnership in 2012 and we now teach the approach from Reception to Year 4. Our school has a diverse intake – 25% are on pupil premium and 20% speak English as an additional language.

In 2011 some pupils were working in line with national levels and others were significantly below.

By 2014 and 2015, my school had the best Key Stage 1 results in the whole country. We are ranked joint number one for maths at Key Stage 1, with 100% of our pupils achieving a Level 3.

I believe my school’s success in maths is due to a combination of factors. We’ve applied the Mathematics Mastery approach faithfully and rigorously and made use of the excellent resources.”

Mathematics Mastery Primary programme benefits

  • The programme has been proven by EEF (the Education Endowment Foundation) to give pupils on average one months’ additional progress after one year. With UK schools using the programme to score on average two points higher than the national average in the Key Stage 2 National Tests.
  • Underpinned by the dimensions of depth, the programme enables pupils to achieve a deep understanding of the subject and to identify, apply and connect ideas to tackle new and more complex problems which develop key transferable skills to apply to future learning.
  • Our programme includes everything you need to deliver a maths mastery curriculum, with a well-sequenced maths curriculum aligned to the National curriculum in England, a full suite of print and digital planning and assessment resources, and integrated teacher professional development.
  • Our approach of developing subject leadership is proven to accelerate student attainment, but also supports greater teacher retention through continuing professional development. Available on demand, your teachers can access the training they need when it suits them best – offering flexibility and support.
Zuzanna McClintock, Teacher

I have worked with Ark Curriculum Plus in two schools - one in the UK, one in Poland. Since moving to Poland, I have brought the scheme into my new school as the Senior Leadership quickly noted its success within year 1. The strength of the scheme lies in the deep thought behind the principles of high-quality mathematics instruction. It has supported all teachers in year 1 to deliver high quality mathematics instruction, enabling children to become confident and fluent mathematicians.

Watch our webinar: How the Maths Mastery approach can deliver proven impact on pupil attainment for International Schools

This webinar was run by Anthony Latham, Ark Curriculum Plus’ Principle Delivery Lead for our Maths Mastery programme. Anthony supports schools using our Maths Mastery programme and has also previously taught in international schools across South East Asia. He will talk you through the key principles of the Mastery approach and answer any questions you may have.

Watch the webinar

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