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English Mastery Secondary

English Mastery Secondary

A proven way to increase attainment in English

By joining our English Mastery programme, schools make a tangible difference to students’ learning experience. The result is a lift in learning outcomes.

Research by The Brilliant Club, an independent education charity group, found that students on the programme made an additional four months’ progress compared to peers not on the programme.

It is also vital that teachers find the programme easy to implement, enjoyable to teach and supportive of career development. Teachers have a unique insight into student’s enjoyment and engagement with the subject. That is why we regularly ask for feedback from our partner schools, and the results are strongly in favour of the programme:

  • 80% agree that English Mastery is helping to enhance their subject knowledge
  • 93% strongly agree that English Mastery is having a positive impact on student progress
  • 86% strongly agree that English Mastery helps to reduce their workload
Becky Curtis | Principal | Ark Elvin Academy

The English Mastery programme does so much more than improve pupil outcomes. It is a key way to address the cultural capital deficit that our children experience. The programme prepares pupils for their future.

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