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English Mastery Secondary

English Mastery Secondary

Key findings from the 2019 English Mastery Research Trial

We learned in January 2019 that English Mastery programme had been awarded funding from the Education Endowment Foundation to conduct a large-scale, two-year efficacy research project (EEF). We had been working on a randomised controlled trial (RCT) to contribute to education research for months – years – since we had some interesting insights from growing English Mastery in the Ark Schools network.

The report, written by NatCen, the independent evaluators, has been published by the EEF and we are absolutely thrilled with the findings.

What does the report say about English Mastery?

  • Teachers across all experience levels said that the Writing Mastery curriculum had enhanced their skills and confidence to teach grammar and punctuation effectively
  • 89% of teachers said that our Literary Heritage curriculum was quite effective or very effective
  • 84% said that the training and support helped them to deliver English Mastery 
  • 80% of teachers said that English Mastery helped to reduce their workload
Becky Curtis | Principal | Ark Elvin Academy

The English Mastery programme does so much more than improve pupil outcomes. It is a key way to address the cultural capital deficit that our children experience. The programme prepares pupils for their future.

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