Mathematics Mastery primary programme

Subject Knowledge Enhancement Workshops

Subject Knowledge Enhancement Workshops

Our Mathematics Mastery programme will support all teachers within your school in deepening their maths subject knowledge - whether they are NQTs or more experience teachers.

Just one of the ways that the programme does this is through our Subject Knowledge Enhancement Workshops or SKEWs.

These workshops acknowledge that primary teachers are not all maths subject specialists and may not have had the opportunity to develop their own subject knowledge in many mathematical areas. The workshops are delivered in a one hour session and are designed to expose teachers to mathematical concepts in greater depth and so give them a deeper understanding of the critical features that are focused on at primary level.

The content of the workshops comes from unpicking the maths taught in primary school and asking teachers to explore it, think about it, discuss it, discuss effective representations at different stages of learning and apply it to the classroom.

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Representing and exploring fractions

Through exploration, discussion and reflection, attendees will consider how to define a fraction and deepen their understanding of representing fractions in multiple ways.

Attendees will leave the session with a range of representations, including the knowledge of how Cuisenaire Rods could be used to represent fractions and a deeper knowledge about how to support pupils' understanding of fractions.

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