Science, History & Geography Mastery


We believe that a cumulative, knowledge-rich curriculum is key – building knowledge and skills in a sequential and connected manner

Having a strong foundational knowledge will enable pupils to participate, challenge, and reshape the world around them.

With subject-specific pedagogy, a coherent and sequenced curriculum that connects concepts and knowledge and high-quality resources, our brand new Science Mastery and History & Geography Mastery programmes are currently being piloted.

The programmes will allow your school to embed a proven mastery approach via:

  • a well-sequenced and interlinked KS1 and KS2 curriculum for science, history and geography
  • integrated training and professional development – helping to ensure all staff (including non-specialists) develop confidence in teaching these subjects
  • a full suite of classroom planning, delivery, assessment and intervention resources – available on MyMastery in bite-sized units, for easy implementation.
    Glenn Prior, Ark John Archer School

    The programme has opened up our teachers to a whole new way of thinking and brought a brand new energy to our classrooms. The curriculum resources are rich in knowledge and vocabulary and the supporting resources are so well designed that our teachers are now freed up within their planning and prep time to focus more on how to bring the curriculum to life. They can now think about how to provoke thought, enquiry and discussion.

    The rich resources for each programme are available on our new learning platform, MyMastery. 

    These include:

    Teaching and planning guidance

    • Detailed unit overviews and video tutorials to develop subject knowledge
    • Full lesson plans to support preparation and planning

    Lesson resources 

    • Fully editable PowerPoint slide decks for every lesson
    • Knowledge organisers to consolidate the essential knowledge from each unit
    • Classroom posters, fun discovery boxes, worksheets and activities to engage pupils in their learning and practise key skills

    Assessment and intervention tools

    • Exit ticket activities provide formative assessment opportunities at the end of each lesson
    • Mastery quizzes help identify misconceptions with support for follow-up and reteaching

    With Professional Development woven throughout. 

    Available on demand, your teachers can access the subject-specific training they need when it suits them best – offering flexibility and support at the right points through the year.

    Latest Announcements

    Covid-19 support for schools

    As teachers ourselves, we understand how extraordinarily difficult this period has been for all schools. We have made some important changes to our mastery programmes this year to help support you in the months ahead.