Our mastery programmes equip schools to provide high-quality subject teaching through curriculum collaboration and integrated professional development.

The research-led programmes give schools confidence that the structure and design of the curriculum is based on what’s proven to drive the greatest impact.

The programmes are designed to be adaptable and will maximise the potential progress for all learners, regardless of their start point. 

We have very carefully planned and sequenced our curriculum, which is enhanced with short daily intervention ‘closing the gap’ tasks and a tool to offer ‘ideas for greater depth’ to ensure all learners have the chance to follow the same curriculum pathway without dividing and segregating pupils.

Since joining Mathematics Mastery the biggest impact by far has been the increased attainment of our Key Stage 3 students – at all prior attainment levels.

Students contribute actively in lessons and are keen to debate and challenge each other’s ideas.

Our mastery curriculum programmes have been proven to: 

  • have a positive impact on student progress and attainment
  • deepen students’ understanding of key concepts
  • engage students and increase their enjoyment of lessons
  • allow more impactful use of teacher time, via fully resourced, lesson-by-lesson content
  • drive change and enable true school-led improvement
Mathematics Mastery Secondary

Mathematics Mastery Secondary

A complete maths curriculum for Key Stage 3 - with a full suite of resources and professional development to maximise the impact in your school.
English Mastery Secondary

English Mastery Secondary

A knowledge-rich, fully-resourced English curriculum for Key Stage 3, with an integrated assessment model and a structured programme of subject-specific professional development.

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