Our core secondary programmes equip you with a fully-resourced curriculum and professional development support to help all students progress.

Based on real-world classroom insights and current pedagogical research, our programmes are proven to engage students. You can tap into lesson-by-lesson resources specially targeted to raise your students’ core English and maths skills. Each curriculum is purposefully sequenced to build understanding at Key Stage 3 level.

Geared towards professional development, our secondary programmes will constantly progress teaching and subject expertise. They are fully flexible, meaning teachers can adapt lessons based on their knowledge of students and current understanding. Wherever needed, you can also use intervention resources to close the knowledge gap between students in classes.

Since joining Mathematics Mastery the biggest impact by far has been the increased attainment of our Key Stage 3 students – at all prior attainment levels.

Students contribute actively in lessons and are keen to debate and challenge each other’s ideas.

Our curriculum programmes have been proven to: 

  • have a positive impact on student progress and attainment
  • deepen students’ understanding of key concepts
  • engage students and increase their enjoyment of lessons
  • enable time to customise teaching
English Mastery Secondary

English Mastery Secondary

Lift students’ knowledge of the concepts of English and stories that shaped the world with a flexible Key Stage 3 curriculum. This structured programme includes English-specific professional development and is known to reduce teacher workload.
Geography Mastery Secondary

Geography Mastery Secondary

This brilliantly sequenced geography curriculum integrates adaptable teaching and fieldwork resources, CPD, cumulative assessment, benchmarking, and a network of support for Key Stage 3.
Mathematics Mastery Secondary

Mathematics Mastery Secondary

Make more of an impact in your department with a complete Key Stage 3 maths curriculum. Work on professional development while using a full suite of planning and delivery resources to ease pressure in and out of the classroom.
Science Mastery Secondary

Science Mastery Secondary

Develop science and pedagogical expertise with professional development, classroom planning, delivery, assessment and intervention resources for Key Stage 3.

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