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Mathematics Mastery Secondary

Mathematics Mastery Secondary

Building stronger maths understanding at Key Stage 3

As well as developing expertise in teaching maths, our Mathematics Mastery Secondary programme is proven to improve student progress.

A Fischer Family Trust (FFT) Education Datalab impact report found conclusive evidence to show that our programme had a positive impact on helping to lift GCSE grades. It estimated that schools using the programme saw students achieve one month of additional progress. In other words, they progressed by around one eighth of a grade further.

Another study run by Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) drew similar conclusions. It found that students made an average of one months’ additional progress after one year on the programme.

Kieran Coyle | Head of Mathematics | Hazelwood Integrated College

Since joining Mathematics Mastery, the maths teaching in our school has transformed. Students used to think ergghh maths and the vibe was very negative. Now, it’s the complete opposite. There is a buzz of excitement and enjoyment around mathematics. When I take a step back and look at where we are now, the significant impact of the Mathematics Mastery programme is clear to see.

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