Posted on 10th May 2023

We're partnering with Smartgrade

12:26 PM, 10th May 2023
We're partnering with Smartgrade

Ark Curriculum Plus are working with Smartgrade to provide partner schools with curriculum-linked, standardised assessments.

All partner schools will gain FREE access to Smartgrade for the relevant subjects, allowing them to benefit from high-quality assessments, intuitive online markbooks and powerful analysis.

By partnering, we are able to offer schools:

  • Access to high-quality, curriculum-linked assessments in pdf format, ready to download and print.
  • Intuitive online markbooks for entering question level or whole grade data.
  • "Live" standardisation grades for annual assessments for schools to benchmark results to a national cohort.
  • Powerful analysis at student, class, school and even MAT level!
  • The ability to set custom grade boundaries for your school or MAT.
  • Full MIS integration so there‚Äôs no tedious re-entry of student and staff data.

To find out more, book in a demo with the Smartgrade team.