Early Years and KS1-2 Resources (4-11 years)

With learning once again taking place at home, we have put together materials to support both teachers and parents across maths and English. The majority of these resources do not rely on the use of websites or technology making learning at home more realistic and enjoyable for your children!

The resources available are subdivided into year groups with each resource clearly labelled. There are guidance packs for parents/guardians where appropriate but please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any query about the use of these materials (info@arkcurriculumplus.org.uk.)

Our colleagues at English Mastery have put together booklets consisting of weekly tasks in all areas of English: reading, writing, grammar, spellings and handwriting. Please help your child draw up a timetable for the week and support them by encouraging them to share their work and read with you.

For Years 1-6 in maths, we have also pulled together a thoughtful selection of activities that can work flexibly within a child’s home environment. These Maths at Home activities have been co-created with the fabulous help from Alison Borthwick and Janine Blinko. Children should be able to tackle these activities independently and they incorporate both maths inside and outside of the home, including crafty activities and games where appropriate. See below for the link to each one.

Each of the Learning packs below have been designed for parents/guardians to guide daily 15-20 minute sessions for young learners.

Maths with Parents

Supporting parents with learning at home We’re delighted to be working with Maths with Parents who provide resources for parents to ensure all children are effectively supported at home to reach their academic potential. We have co-created a curriculum map to show how Maths with Parents can be used alongside the Mathematics Mastery curriculum.

Find out more about Maths with Parents

Alternatives to manipulatives for home learning
Lucy Preston, Programme Director at Learning with Parents, explores alternatives to manipulatives for home learning.

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Thank you

We’re grateful to NRICH and to the ‘Maths Snacks’ team of ATM members, who’ve generously made such wonderful maths activities freely available online, and who have said they’re happy for us to include links to them in our activity sheets.

NRICH (www.nrich.maths.org) is a research-informed mathematics outreach project offering free problem-solving activities and teacher support materials for ages 3-19. It is a pioneering collaboration between the Faculty of Mathematics and Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge, UK.

ATM Maths Snacks are a collection of 2-minute videos voluntarily created by members of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM): Geoff Faux, Pip Huyton, Peter Lacey, Mike Ollerton, Colin Taylor and Helen Williams. ATM have freely circulated these - initially for use during COVID-19 Lockdown. Because of the positive responses the ATM have received, they believe the videos might also be used as resources in mathematics classrooms. If you like these then why not join with us in the ATM community at www.atm.org.uk/Membership-Types

We’d love to hear how you’re using them with your pupils – do let us know!