Maths with Parents

Supporting parents with learning at home

We’re delighted to be working with Learning with Parents who offer the Maths with Parents programme. 

They work with teachers to provide home learning resources and support for parents, to ensure that all children are effectively supported at home to reach their academic potential.

We have worked together to ensure that our principles around maths learning are aligned and have co-created a curriculum map to show how Maths with Parents can be used alongside the Mathematics Mastery curriculum.

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This document details the Maths with Parents videos that are most appropriate for each Mathematics Mastery unit. 

It's recommended to release one video every fortnight, to allow parents time to watch and complete the activities with their child. 

Schools have the chance to receive the Maths with Parents programme free

Learning with Parents are working on a programme of home learning support, fully aligned with Mathematics Mastery.

They are offering to fully fund 50 schools to receive this programme for the next academic year. 

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Latest Announcements

Covid-19 support for schools

As teachers ourselves, we understand how extraordinarily difficult this period has been for all schools. We have made some important changes to our mastery programmes this year to help support you in the months ahead.