Supporting parents through Covid-19

Our Mathematics Mastery and English Mastery programmes are pleased to share home learning support in response to school closures.

Supporting parents with learning at home

We’re delighted to be working with Learning with Parents who offer the Maths with Parents programme.

Alternatives to manipulatives for home learning
Lucy Preston, Programme Director at Learning with Parents, explores alternatives to manipulatives for home learning.

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EYFS, KS1 & KS2 Resources (4-11 years)

EYFS, KS1 & KS2 Resources (4-11 years)

With learning once again taking place at home, we have put together materials to support both teachers and parents across maths and English.
KS3 Resources (11-14 years)

KS3 Resources (11-14 years)

Resources Experts at Ark Curriculum Plus, working across Mathematics Mastery and English Mastery, have designed a selection of resources to use at home to support Key stage 3 children.
Latest Announcements

Covid-19 support for schools

As teachers ourselves, we understand how extraordinarily difficult this period has been for all schools. We have made some important changes to our mastery programmes this year to help support you in the months ahead.