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Supporting you through Covid-19

Supporting you through Covid-19

As teachers ourselves, here at Mathematics Mastery we understand how extraordinarily difficult this period is for all schools.

We’re therefore committed to supporting everyone using our programme through the months ahead.

Our mastery programme is now available from just £2,000* and provides the support of a consistent, well-sequenced and fully resourced maths curriculum that:

  • Allows you to support students who are learning remotely with redesigned lesson materials for remote teaching and online video lessons that fully match the content delivered in class
  • Constantly looks backwards and forwards, providing opportunities for the retention, application and re-use of knowledge
  • Addresses missed learning by mapping core knowledge against the year ahead
  • Supports your cover teachers in getting up to speed quickly with ‘anytime, anywhere’ online training and knowledge overviews, available in bite-sized chunks for each unit

* Discounts available for small schools

Support for remote teaching and learning

We've redesigned our lesson materials for remote teaching, creating lessons that are shorter but still full of opportunities for independent activities as well as teacher-led work

We are contributors to Oak National Academy and our Mathematics Mastery curriculum programme is completely aligned to the Oak curriculum. There’s an online video lesson for each Mathematics Mastery lesson, so you can be assured of continuity of learning if your students use the videos from home.

All of the Mathematics Mastery programme's planning, delivery, assessment and intervention resources can be accessed 'anytime, anywhere' via our MyMastery learning platform. This means that teachers can get up to speed and plan from home, as well as access all of the resources if they need to deliver lessons via video from home.

Easy planning and bite-sized PD

Our MyMastery learning platform helps make planning simple and straightforward with bite-sized chunks of the curriculum separated out into staging posts so teachers can easily see what they need to know to deliver this week’s lessons.

This means your teachers are building their knowledge of mastery teaching in a slow and steady way, without being overwhelmed.

Support for cover teachers

Quick knowledge recaps help teachers get up to speed on the knowledge they need for that unit – ideal for teachers providing cover for other classes, or supply teachers coming in. They can also see at a glance where the class is up to and what is scheduled to be delivered that week, along with the resources for each lesson.

Induction videos also allow teachers who are not familiar with the mastery approach to get an overview before they start to teach the content.

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Flexible catch-up

We partner with Eedi to provide diagnostic quizzes for each topic in the Mathematics Mastery curriculum. 

These are a great way to identify gaps in learning and misconceptions, informing reteaching needs. You can then easily find the relevant lesson resources on MyMastery, as well as bite-sized integrated professional development to help prepare for reteaching content.

We have also created amended programmes of study to help you understand the learning which has likely been missed due to the pandemic.

Focused intervention for significant gaps

We believe that subject mastery is achievable for all students and so our programme design has always catered for mixed abilities accessing the same curriculum. 

We provide step-by-step intervention and coaching materials for each unit that can be accessed alongside the core curriculum. These support students not meeting age-related expectations, developing their understanding of core concepts.

Watch our webinar

Click on play to watch the Mathematics Mastery team as they explore how our programme can support your emerging Covid-19 needs.

  • Hear from fellow teachers on how they’re using the programme, right now, to support in-school intervention and remote learning
  • Explore how Mathematics Mastery can help you tackle your blended learning needs
  • Find out how we can support you in identifying and planning recovery for gaps in learning

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