Mathematics Mastery Secondary

Assessment and intervention tools

Assessment and intervention tools

Diagnostic quizzes

Multiple-choice quizzes, specifically written for the Mathematics Mastery curriculum, are available on Eedi.

These test students' understanding of curriculum content and support teachers in identifying and addressing misconceptions, with detailed analytics to inform teaching and planning.

  • Pre-made quizzes matched to the Mathematics Mastery scheme of work​
  • Full flexibility to adjust the scheme of work and quiz dates​
  • ​Written misconceptions so you understand exactly where your pupils have gone wrong​
  • ​Detailed analytics and results​
  • Save time by giving online feedback by grouping students by their misconception

Formative assessment

The programme integrates formative assessment throughout, including ‘exit ticket’ questions to be used at the end of each lesson to check understanding and inform planning.

More formal written assessments are also provided, to be used at the end of each term.

Intervention resources

These support students with developing understanding of core concepts by guiding them step-by-step through a logical progression of experiences.

Each step comes with a guidance document for the facilitator and a talk task and worksheet to be completed by the student.

See a sample of the Year 7 resources

And an overview of all the step-by-step interventions for Year 7

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