Posted on 13th March 2024

New collaborative Action Research project

3:27 PM, 13th March 2024
New collaborative Action Research project

New collaborative Action Research project between the NW3 Maths Hub and Mathematics Mastery Primary

Exploring the impact of schools in a Mastery Readiness work group joining Mathematics Mastery Primary together

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new Action Research project that brings together Ark Curriculum Plus and five primary schools from the NW3 Maths Hub in Liverpool. This ground-breaking initiative aims to explore the impact of all participating schools joining Mathematics Mastery Primary together. The central research question guiding this endeavour is: What is the impact of all schools participating in a Mastery Readiness work group joining the Mathematics Mastery Primary partnership together?

At the heart of this project is the commitment to document and share the experiences of leaders and teachers from the five schools involved over a two-year period. By doing so, we aim to provide valuable insights into the implementation of the Mathematics Mastery Primary programme and its effects on teacher workload, subject confidence, and wellbeing, and ultimately how those influence pupil outcomes. Along with a detailed exploration of how being in the NW3 Mastery Readiness work group goes hand in hand with taking on the programme, providing support, additional CPD and crucially an invaluable sense of camaraderie.

Laura Tyler, Head of Mathematics Mastery Primary, Ark Curriculum Plus explains why doing this research is so important: “This collaborative Action Research project marks a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to enhance mathematics education. We are eager to uncover the synergies that arise when schools in a Mastery Readiness work group within their local Maths Hub embark on the Mathematics Mastery Primary partnership together. We’re already working closely with the five schools involved and we can’t wait to see their progress.”

Unveiling the Research Journey

Throughout the duration of the research, we will closely follow the experiences of leaders and teachers at the five participating schools. By showcasing their efforts and successes, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of how the Mathematics Mastery Primary programme is successfully integrated into their classrooms and how their involvement in the Maths Hub’s Mastery Readiness work group supports this. This documentation will not only highlight the positive impacts but also shed light on any challenges encountered and the strategies employed to overcome them.

Lisa Bradshaw, Senior Maths Hub Link, NW3 Maths Hub outlined why they’re involved:

“Our hub is thrilled to be part of this innovative research endeavour. We believe that collective engagement in a Mastery Readiness work group, coupled with the Mathematics Mastery Primary partnership, can bring about transformative changes in the way mathematics is taught and learned. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to foster excellence in mathematics education across our hub.”

What will the project specifically explore?

  1. Teacher workload: Examining how Mathematics Mastery Primary repurposes teachers time onto higher-value activities to support pupil outcomes – co-planning, topic level professional development and responsive teaching – rather than time spent finding and creating resources or designing a curriculum.
  2. Subject confidence: Investigating the impact on teachers' confidence in delivering maths lessons, and how this confidence, in turn, influences pupil engagement and understanding.
  3. Pupil outcomes: Assessing the direct effects on pupil progress and academic outcomes, aiming to identify any significant improvements.
  4. Maths Hub support: Analysing the complementary role of the Maths Hub for schools partnering with Mathematics Mastery Primary and how this combination enriches teachers’ experience.
  5. Teaching for mastery approach: Exploring the reciprocal relationship between being in a Mastery Readiness work group while partnering with Mathematics Mastery Primary, understanding how together they can accelerate and enhance the development of a teaching for mastery approach.

We believe that this research will provide a unique insight into how the evidence-based approach of the work group and the evidence-based design of Mathematics Mastery Primary complement each other to drive substantial long-term changes in practice. By sharing these experiences, we hope to inspire educators across the country to embrace approaches that elevate the quality of primary maths teaching and learning.

Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exciting Action Research journey!

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