Posted on 15th January 2024

Experts at AC+ partner with Ambition to introduce a new NPQ in leading primary maths

1:34 AM, 15th January 2024
Experts at AC+ partner with Ambition to introduce a new NPQ in leading primary maths

We are excited to announce that Ambition and Ark Curriculum Plus are working together to establish the National Professional Qualification in Leading Primary Maths (NPQLPM), which will be introduced in February 2024.

In collaboration with Ambition Institute, our subject specialists at Mathematics Mastery Primary will co-create the NPQLPM.

We feel very fortunate to collaborate with Ark Curriculum Plus as our design partner for the NPQ in Leading Primary Mathematics. The team bring extensive expertise in effective leadership of primary mathematics, coupled with a deep understanding of pedagogy and how best to teach primary mathematics. As a result, participants on the programme will benefit from exceptional subject and phase specific content for their NPQ, supporting them in fostering high quality maths teaching and ensuring the success of all pupils in mathematics.
Katy Patten, Dean, Learning Design

Our expert subject practitioners at AC+ have developed Mathematics Mastery, which, according to an independent evaluation by the Education Endowment Foundation, increases pupils' progress by an average of two additional months. The Education Endowment Foundation said: "Our trial of the Ark Mathematics Mastery Primary School programme involved 5,108 pupils in 90 schools. The independent evaluation found these pupils made, on average, two months' progress compared to other pupils in comparison schools."

AC+ Executive Director of Education, Dr Helen Drury, said, "We are delighted to be sharing all that we have learnt in over a decade of working with schools on highly effective maths teaching with even more teachers and leaders."

The NPQLPM is intended for educators who now hold or hope to hold positions in primary leading teaching in mathematics, numeracy, curriculum, teaching and learning, phase, or as an aspiring primary classroom teacher. The qualification uses the finest available research and data and assists in the professional development of educators and school administrators. It centres on the knowledge that educators and administrators need to expand their areas of expertise. The NPQLPM is created using Ambition's "little and often" methodology. This means you can learn while keeping to your schedule and other obligations, missing as little time as possible from your school or your trust.

Applications have now closed for the spring 2024 cohorts. To hear more about future cohorts, register your interest.