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The programme has had a very positive impact on our students

Miriam Hussain | English Teacher and Pastoral Lead

The programme has had a very positive impact on our students. Some of the texts really enable a love of learning and love of literature as well. 

When year 7 come in, they study Oliver Twist. Students really love that and get so engaged and involved with those characters and become part of that world. Year 9 are really stretched by studying Jane Eyre – which is an incredibly difficult text – so it really caters to those specific year groups.

I have seen so much progress with the English Mastery curriculum! My top set year 8 class have made so much progress. The texts just get harder. When they study Sherlock Holmes they unpick how to analyse properly. By the time you get to the summer term and are studying Animal Farm you really unpick contextual information. 

What is really good about English Mastery is that you are enabling and creating a foundation for GCSE so it is step by step. The intensity over time is increased so that when they get into Year 10 they are really ready for it.

We receive an incredible amount of support from the English Mastery team. I absolutely love coming to the Assessing for Mastery days and looking at the different work that has been produced across the network and comparing them. Justifying, discussing and unpicking our grading is really important.

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