Supporting the route to recovery

Route to recovery

Tackling the attainment gap after disrupted learning ​

It has been an unusual, difficult and stressful year, with limits tested and ‘real life’ suspended. As we get back into the classroom, we are confronted with the impact of disrupted learning. The Education Endowment Fund reports that students are at least four months behind, with the gap being even larger for disadvantaged students.

Continuing our support for every student​

​Helping to close the attainment gap is in our DNA. We believe that students from all backgrounds should have access to a quality education. ​

​We work to make this happen everyday; the Ark student population is made up of 42% disadvantaged students, more than double the national average. Despite this, Ark students make nearly half a grade more progress in each of their subjects than peers nationally. ​

​We are proud of our efforts, but know that it’s you, the teachers, who make the difference in students’ lives. It is our pleasure to work with you, to empower you to deliver the best teaching you can, knowing that this is what will help your students recover from their time of lost learning. ​

Read Dr Helen Drury's recent blog on 'Route to recovery - The challenge ahead'.

Giving you the tools to help your students​

  • Focused curriculum – cumulatively sequenced and informed by research​
  • Teaching resources – planning guidance, booster units, differentiated tasks, topic-specific PD​
  • Purposeful Assessment – diagnostic quizzes and in-lesson assessment with paired next steps​
  • Mastery for all – teaching support that helps you meet all pupils’ needs​
  • Intervention – Structured tuition for 1:1 or small group intervention​

Here to support you on the route to recovery

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Quality teaching is the most important lever in student recovery.​

New Primary Maths intervention support ​

​Seeing a particular need at the primary levels for 1:1 and small group intervention, we are adding to our Maths Mastery Primary offer with intervention support. ​

Mapped to the DfE’s Ready to Progress guidance and covering years 1 – 6, it offers student-facing videos with accompanying activity packs, helping your teachers and teaching assistants feel confident in the pivotal role they play in getting your students back on track.

Together on the journey ahead​

​Listen in or read a summary of Laura McInerney’s, (journalist and Co-Founder of Teacher Tapp) reflection of this past year and the lessons that we can embed in our lives and our classrooms. ​

​“Teachers have shown immense resilience, an ability to follow evidence-based change, and total flexibility – that is ultimately the power of the teacher”.

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