Posted on 21st April 2023

The impact of Mathematics Mastery Primary – the stats are here!

1:38 PM, 21st April 2023
The impact of Mathematics Mastery Primary – the stats are here!

The impact of Mathematics Mastery Primary – the stats are here!

An independent, randomised controlled trial showed that pupils learning with Mathematics Mastery for one year made an average of two months’ additional progress in Key Stage 1.

UCL’s Institute of Education evaluated the data collected from a sample of 4,176 pupils across 83 primary schools.                                 MMP Infographic  (5)

Happy school leaders and students

“I would definitely recommend Mathematics Mastery – it’s tailored to fit your needs and the journey it takes you on as a school almost guarantees you the results you want.

Martyn Beeston, Deputy headteacher, Paddox Primary School

    The additional progress doesn’t come at the expense of pupil happiness. 98% of leaders at partner schools told us their pupils enjoyed the lessons in the curriculum, while 96% of leaders said that the programme has deepened understanding of mathematical concepts. Schools have found there are benefits to teaching more complex maths through Mathematics Mastery: “Pupils enjoy the opportunities to be challenged. They often choose the more difficult mathematical problems from those they are asked to solve.”- quoted from Shacklewell Primary School Ofsted Report, rated Outstanding 2019.

    Maths leads can see progress in their pupils

    It isn't just school leaders noticing improvements – 97% of maths leads stated the programme is having a positive impact on pupil progress. 81% of them went further and said that the programme has deepened their pupils’ understanding of the subject.        

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    Once we adopted the Mathematics Mastery programme, we noticed good progress being made across all year groups.

    - Katrina White, maths lead, Exning Primary

      Considering there are 951 lessons in the programme covering Reception to Year 6, we were glad to see that 86% of maths leads felt well-equipped to teach with it. Teachers using the curriculum can access training both online and in-person to help them use it effectively and develop their professional skills.

      The numbers behind Mathematics Mastery

      The 83 primary schools that took part in the research trial were in good company. They joined hundreds of others across the country.

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      Take a look at our infographic for more information.

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