Posted on 14th August 2020

How we're supporting the transition from home to school

1:54 PM, 16th September 2020
How we're supporting the transition from home to school

Our Mathematics Mastery and English Mastery programmes responded to school closures due to COVID-19 by providing extensive home learning support. 

We've now also adapted the way that we deliver our programmes to offer regular guidance and support in the return to the school environment - helping partner schools with the challenges that may still be to come this autumn. 

Our programmes come in a range of different packages to support the needs of schools big or small.

How will our mastery programmes support you?

  • We’ve adapted our curriculum to be more agile and responsive
    We have carefully abridged our programmes of study to make up for lost learning this term. We’ve then organised all our resources and lesson planning materials into bite-sized chunks, or staging posts, making it really easy for you to prepare for what's coming next. They not only help with ‘what to teach’ through our adaptable lesson resources, but our embedded assessments help you understand ‘when to teach’, identifying gaps to better understand where you need to tackle lost learning.
  • Our full curriculum is supported by home learning videos
    Our scheme of work is fully aligned with a complete series of online lessons delivered by expert teachers, ready to go should students need to be sent home. This means that you can feel confident your students will be able to access comprehensive learning support that aligns to our in-school materials, minimising the risk of pupil progress stalling further in the event of future closures.
  • In English, we provide workbooks to support reading and writing development
    For every English lesson taught in school, there is an English Mastery workbook activity covering the same content and skills, using the same terminology, techniques and teaching approach. We have comprehensive workbooks suitable for in-school and home learning to support grammar and writing development as well as ‘Reading for pleasure’ activity booklets. This means that even if some children are in school and others at home, you can be confident that all have the opportunity to learn well-timed key content and skills.
  • Bite-sized 'preparing to teach' online support
    Our approach offers a programme of embedded professional development, with each unit offering training to explain how to consider planning to deliver the next few weeks learning, promoting awareness of great ways to adapt lessons and evaluate pupil progress. All delivered via our new online learning platform,MyMastery, the bite-sized, on-demand professional development provides the right support at the right time to give teachers the pedagogic and subject knowledge needed to keep children on track.