Posted on 16th November 2023

Subject Excellence Programme Components

2:25 PM, 16th November 2023
Subject Excellence Programme Components

A framework for success

We know that to achieve powerful teaching that changes lives, teachers need to have strong subject knowledge, the best evidence-based subject pedagogies, rigorous assessment and effective planning, all working together.

That’s why we developed the AC+ Subject Excellence Programme, based on over a decade’s experience of transforming subject results in one of the most respected MATs. An expert consultant will guide you through our 5-Step Improvement Process so that you can be confident in success. This is backed by all the integrated teaching, planning and assessment resources to make real change achievable.

We will work directly with your teachers and work with your leadership to create an improvement plan bespoke to your school. Our team of highly skilled educational consultants will help introduce, embed and sustain evidence-based teaching strategies that are independently shown to lead to stronger student outcomes, more confident teachers and a consistency of teaching and learning across all year groups.

Here’s what's included…

School support

From day one, your dedicated subject expert collaborates with teachers to create a tailored improvement plan for your school. They’ll then support you to success through the 5 steps over multiple years.

Continuing professional development

Teachers and leaders get immediately actionable CPD at point of need. It supports subject knowledge, pedagogic delivery, curriculum design and more. Flexibility is key, with online or in-person sessions.

Assessments and data insight

Formative assessments for data-led instruction are available in each lesson, unit, term and year. Standardised assessments, directly linked to the curriculum, identify pupil learning gaps for targeted intervention.

Teaching and Learning resources

Curriculum-integrated planning tools and resources ensure successful programme delivery. From day one, you access carefully sequenced support for consistent, impactful, engaging lessons, built on best-practice pedagogies.

Opportunities for collaboration

You join a subject teaching network, fostering the exchange of best practices. Teachers and leaders connect at in-person CPD events, including induction and an annual conference, creating a community of practice.

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