Posted on 2nd February 2022

Science Mastery is here!

10:36 AM, 2nd February 2022
Science Mastery is here!

"The attainment gap in Science may not be as well-documented as the gap in English and Maths, but it is just as pervasive." - EEF

As a teacher, you require the subject knowledge and resources to ensure a quality education for your students.

We're therefore delighted to announce the launch of our latest Key Stage 3 curriculum programme, Science Mastery.

The Science Mastery programme has been informed, delivered and refined by expert Science teachers from across the country. Their experience has contributed to the development of the programme as a practical, powerful driver of student attainment.

As with all our Mastery programmes, Science Mastery includes:

  • A well-sequenced and interlinked curriculum
  • A full suite of classroom planning, delivery, assessment and intervention resources
  • Integrated training and professional development

To help student success during the programme and beyond, the programme also includes a list of 100 practical, enquiry and maths skills. Dedicated skills lessons are used to give teachers and students time to explicitly learn and practice different practical and enquiry skills.

"A particular success I have seen has been with our new staff, especially when we have had ECTs in the department. Science Mastery gives them such a good base of everything that pupils need to know."

Georgie Pick, Head of Science | Ark Pioneer Academy

Hear more about Georgie's experience during the programmes pilot period.

Learn more about the programme by visiting our dedicated webpage or downloading a pack of sample resources.

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