Posted on 10th October 2022

Proven mastery approach to be scaled up across England

10:20 AM, 10th October 2022
Proven mastery approach to be scaled up across England

Proven mastery approach to be scaled up across England

Primary schools across England will be supported to adopt an approach to teaching maths that has been shown to improve pupil achievement. Mathematics Mastery Primary is an evidence-informed curriculum and teacher development programme from Ark Curriculum Plus.

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) published an independent evaluation which showed that pupils in schools who were offered the programme made on average two months’ more progress in Key Stage 1 versus those in comparison schools. Because of these positive results, the EEF are funding a scale-up trial of the programme over the next two years.

Professor Becky Francis, Chief Executive of the Education Endowment Foundation, said:

“We know teachers and school leaders are keen to implement approaches that are supported by the wider research base to maximise the impact of their practice.

“This is a hugely exciting opportunity for us to further ingrain evidence use in English classrooms.

“Broadening access to high-quality initiatives has the potential to make a real, positive difference to pupils’ attainment in what continue to be challenging times.”

Claire Crosbie, Mathematics Mastery’s Head of Primary, said:

“The Mathematics Mastery programme helps school leaders to support their teachers by providing a fully resourced curriculum, with relevant and accessible professional development embedded throughout.

“We’re really proud of the programme and love seeing the positive impact it’s already having in classrooms.

“Great curricula and professional development can transform pupil outcomes and their enjoyment of maths, and we are looking forward to working with even more teachers and their pupils thanks to this funding.”

Mathematics Mastery is used by more than 300 primary schools across the UK to give non-specialist primary school teachers confidence in their maths teaching. This EEF funding will allow another 130 schools to take advantage of the programme for 80% less than the standard cost. This project will be open to applications from all schools but we are particularly hoping to work with the DfE’s Education Investment Areas, where outcomes at the end of both Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4 are lowest.

Ark Curriculum Plus pioneered the mastery approach in the UK – one that gives pupils a deep and conceptual understanding of subjects. Their work in the UK led to the Department for Education’s adoption of a mastery approach to teaching mathematics, and as a result the establishment of 40 NCETM Maths Hubs nationwide.

Venessa Willms, Ark’s Director of Education, said:

“Mathematics Mastery has made a real difference to all our children, not least those from our most disadvantaged communities, who, in our network, outperformed similar pupils nationally by 20%.

“The programme allows teachers to place their focus where it really belongs – on their students in the classroom, transforming pupil understanding and enjoyment of maths.”

Helen Drury, Director of Curriculum Programmes at Ark Curriculum Plus, said:

“We’re continually inspired by the incredible difference that teachers in Mathematics Mastery partner schools are making every day.

“Our model of sustained support and integrated professional development means we see first-hand the progress and enjoyment of children learning with the Ark Curriculum Plus Mathematics Mastery programme.

“We’re thrilled that the EEF’s significant subsidy will enable so many more teachers and pupils to experience the programme’s proven impact.”

Read the EEF Evaluation report.

Schools can visit our site to learn more about the Mathematics Mastery programme or register their interest directly.

CONTACT: For more information, please contact 0203 116 0728.

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