Posted on 1st January 2021

New English Mastery text announcement

1:32 PM, 24th March 2021
New English Mastery text announcement

We are delighted to announce we are introducing a brand-new text to the English Mastery curriculum: ‘Small Island’ by Andrea Levy. Students will study the novel and play version. The unit will begin to be piloted in a selection of English Mastery schools in the summer and will be available on MyMastery by September 2021.

We are working in partnership with Daniel Opoku with the design of the unit.

Having joined the Ark network in June 2020, Daniel currently serves as the Vice Principal at Ark Blake Academy, the brand new secondary school located in Croydon. He has a passion for teaching & learning and curriculum, and when not reading fantasy books, Sherlock Holmes novels or books about the experiences of Black minorities in Western countries, Daniel is geeking out reading books about pedagogy. The most impactful novel he’s read is ‘The Color Purple’ by Alice Walker. His favourite book series is, obviously, the Harry Potter series.