Posted on 1st September 2020

MyMastery launches with Ark Curriculum Plus programmes

11:10 AM, 8th September 2020
MyMastery launches with Ark Curriculum Plus programmes

Here at Ark Curriculum Plus, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our new digital learning platform, MyMastery, exclusive to partner schools.

MyMastery is our new home for all of the curriculum and integrated professional development resources with our Mathematics Mastery and English Mastery programmes, and will shortly welcome our new Primary Science, History & Geography programmes. Teachers can now access a more intuitive learning experience in our new normal.

The greatest benefit of using MyMastery is that it combines curriculum resources with teacher professional development so that you get exactly the right support at the right time. MyMastery offers a blended learning experience, with new and improved curriculum resources and on-demand professional development opportunities for teachers in an easy-to-access way.

MyMastery allows you to be fully resourced so you can be assured of continuity in learning whatever the environment during these changing times.

MyMastery has been designed to follow the journey that we see in teachers’ and students’ learning. With that in mind, MyMastery helps pave the way for the delivery of our programmes in a number of effective ways through these key areas:

  • Courses:
    Courses are available for every year group; these allow teachers to quickly see the road ahead, and easily access curriculum resources for every lesson.
  • Staging Posts:
    Within the roadmap of our courses, we have provided regular staging posts (one for every 8-12 hours of teaching). These support both new and experienced teachers with easily digestible professional development, explicitly linked to the lessons they are about to teach.
  • Basecamps:
    Within basecamps, subject leaders and teachers can explore curriculum links within and across year groups. They can also access professional development which is relevant to all elements of the curriculum.

If you are new to us, we encourage you to get in touch with us as we plan to offer free demos and trials to explore MyMastery in the relevant subject area to you.