Posted on 21st March 2023

Mathematics Mastery in Collaboration with Smartgrade

1:43 PM, 21st March 2023
Mathematics Mastery in Collaboration with Smartgrade

Get high-quality, termly standardised assessments that are linked to our curriculum at no additional cost while benefitting from the analytics power of Smartgrade

We have partnered with Smartgrade to standardise assessments. We are offering all our partner schools a completely free trial of Mathematics Mastery + Smartgrade for the spring and summer terms. To redeem this, all you have to do is to book a demo with Smartgrade, and they’ll arrange everything for you.

With your free trial you will get:

  • Access to high-quality assessments in pdf format, ready for you to download and print.
  • Intuitive online mark books for entering question level or whole grade data.
  • "Live" standardisation grades so you can compare your results to a national cohort.
  • Powerful analysis at student, class, school and MAT level - you can even group by demographic category!
  • The ability to set custom grade boundaries for your school or MAT.
  • Full MIS integration so there’s no tedious re-entry of student and staff data.

Why use Mathematics Mastery + Smartgrade?

  • Your mathematics summative assessment will be curriculum-linked.
  • Assessments include content from prior terms, giving you a truer understanding of your students’ accumulated knowledge.
  • Benchmark your performance against other schools at the question, topic and overall grade level.
  • Available at a fraction of the price of other commercially available assessment options if your school commits to Smartgrade longterm.