Posted on 4th April 2022

How to develop science literacy within your classroom

12:29 PM, 4th April 2022
How to develop science literacy within your classroom

Science Mastery is a curriculum programme by Ark Curriculum Plus

Although it should not be the only benchmark for success, literacy levels are one of the most significant barriers to exam success, with one in four 15-year-olds having a reading age of 12 or younger (GL Assessment data). AQA and other exam boards suggest that the combined science exam papers are targeted at age 13, which is already a significant gap, and is further increased by the demands of scientific language and terminology. 

Science Mastery summarises their literacy strategy into 10 top tips, within the four areas of literacy.


    1. New vocabulary is explicitly introduced using etymology and morphology

    2. Vocabulary that has a different meaning in science is introduced using Frayer organisers

    3. Student glossaries show tier 2 and tier 3 vocabulary for each unit used in a sentence and with a definition


    4. Extended reading activities with Science in the News and Scientist in the Spotlight for each unit

    5. Different DARTs (directed activities related to texts) across each unit


    6. Command word activities across each unit to support students with structuring answers

    7. Model answers provided for questions and activities to support improving written answers

    8. Extended writing activities in each unit with supporting guidance for effective delivery


    9. Talk tasks with guidance as a feature of every lesson

    10. Suggested scripting for lessons includes guidance for student questioning

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