Our tiered packages

Our tiered packages

Available in two flexible tiers

In line with our mission to make improving life chances accessible to all schools, we have made our subject excellence programmes available in two flexible packages: Leadership and Tailored – offering different levels of support, depending on the requirements of each school.

What does each tier include?


Perhaps you want to develop your subject leader or your teaching team, or maybe you want to connect with other schools following our approach.

In the Leadership package, your school will be allocated a Development Lead to support you with professional development, additional training and action planning throughout the year. These are experienced classroom teachers or senior leaders who have been carefully selected and trained as Mastery specialists. You will receive two virtual sessions, which may be used for leadership coaching or teacher training, and an in-person visit to support your implementation journey.

We also offer collaborative training for everyone teaching the programme for the first time, plus a one-year subject mastery leadership course for your subject lead. Our annual conferences and online networks can connect you with like-minded schools in your area, allowing you to collaborate better and share best practices.


Maybe your team would benefit from more bespoke support and development.

In addition to the benefits that our Leadership partners receive, our tailored programme offers a truly personalised experience, including year-round coaching and mentoring support from one of our specialist Development Leads and two in-person visits to support with implementation, which can include in-house training tailored to the needs of your team.​