King Solomon Academy

Aiding trainee and experienced teachers to ensure student success

Aiding trainee and experienced teachers to ensure student success

We recently visited King Solomon Academy, based in Westminster, to speak with them about their experience using the Science Mastery programme with their Key Stage 3 students. KSA have been using Science Mastery since it's first pilot year, three years into the programme they are one of the highest performing schools in the network.

First we spoke to Sannah, a Trainee Teacher, to hear her views on the programme. "I think many schools will benefit from using Science Mastery, especially if they are using it all through from Years 7 to 11, because it gives a good overview of what students will learn, and so you can build on their knowledge from what they've learnt in Years 7 or 8. It means that new teachers coming in will also have a good idea of what they know and how they can progress students' learning."

Next we spoke with Ruth, an experience Science Teacher and Assistant Principal. "Using the Science Mastery resources has meant I've been able to use more of my time marking Exit Tickets and marking work and therefore thinking specifically about adapting the resources to my classes rather than teaching from scratch, because there's such a solid, well thought out plan so far. It's meant that I can then mark those Exit Tickets and edit the next lessons to fit what the pupils did and didn't get."

Click play to watch the full case study and hear more about their experience.

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