Embed a knowledge and skills rich primary science curriculum in your school

We want to ensure that every child gains a rich knowledge of the world, has experiences to make sense of it, and builds the confidence to make judgements on what they see. 

Our strategically sequenced curriculum ensures pupils gain the knowledge they need to discover, understand and begin to explain the world around them. It also ensures pupils learn about the scientific processes through which science is achieved and applied.

Our Science Mastery programme will allow your school to embed a proven mastery approach through:

  • a well-sequenced and interlinked KS1 and KS2 curriculum for Science
  • integrated training and professional development – to help all staff (including non-specialists) to develop confidence in teaching Science
  • a full suite of classroom planning and delivery resources – available on MyMastery in bite-sized units, for easy implementation.

The Science Mastery programme has been rigorously piloted across the Ark Academy Trust to ensure every unit works effectively in the classroom and we’re excited to open access further this year to our partner schools. Find out how your school can get involved below.

Are you already partnered with Mathematics Mastery?

Exclusive upgrade offer: become an early adopter and save

We are excited to offer exclusive early access to Science, History and Geography Mastery to our Mathematics Mastery partner schools ahead of its official launch as part of an extended pilot programme, which includes:

  • a carefully sequenced curriculum
  • engaging units of work for Years 1-6
  • teaching and planning guidance for all units
  • ready-made classroom resources
  • integrated professional development for all teaching staff

In what we know is going to be another challenging year for schools can offer everything you need to implement a comprehensive Science, History and Geography curriculum.

This offer is available to all existing partner schools at a discounted price of just £900 (normal RRP £1,710). To request a quote or discuss upgrading contact us at partnerships@arkcurriculumplus.org.uk.

Thoroughly tried and tested in schools

All of our Mastery programmes are written by teachers for teachers and you can be certain that they work in the classroom as every programme is thoroughly tested both within the Ark Academy Trust and with schools outside our trust. 

We regularly collect feedback on Science Mastery from teachers using the curriculum in their schools. We then update, improve and develop the programme to ensure every unit is effective, easy to implement and engaging for everyone.

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to watch the video of one of our trial schools discussing their experience of the Science Mastery programme or download our programme guide below.

What do you get when you join the programme?

  • A carefully sequenced curriculum
  • Engaging units of work
  • Teaching and planning guidance
  • Classroom resources
  • Professional development
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Our approach

Thought and care has gone into how to build rich and deep scientific learning in primary schools. There has been a dual focus on what children should be learning and how best it should be taught. 

Science Mastery provides you with a knowledge-rich, coherent curriculum that has been strategically sequenced for maximum success. It builds pupils’ knowledge, embeds opportunities to work scientifically and nurtures positive attitudes towards science.

Fiona Chapman | Principal at Ark Dickens Primary Academy

A game changer! Expectations raised across the board for pupils and staff!

The curriculum has been strategically developed with each unit building on knowledge, skill and understanding. The content and layout of the workbooks makes them easily navigable for every pupil. Teachers have ownership over their lessons through the ability to adapt the resources to allow personal scaffolding or challenge for each individual. The full roll out of the programme across Ark Dickens has been eagerly anticipated and enthusiastically received by all.

Looking for a comprehensive mastery programme for History and Geography as well?

Our Science Mastery programme has been designed to work alongside our History and Geography Mastery programme for an effective whole school approach to teaching these subjects. Our curriculum design team have developed all three curriculum sequences with subject integrity at the heart of learning, but where meaningful cross-curricular links are beneficial to your pupils’ understanding we have embedded them into the curriculum providing a rich learning experience.

Find out how your school could benefit from implementing Science, History and Geography Mastery together.